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After reassignment, we are just simple, hazy and unfamiliar classmate relationship. Think of the past two months, we are looking for happiness in solving problems together, you can not help laughing because of my stupidity, but again and again to explain patiently for me. We grow up as we play jokes and get along with each other day and night, which has made everything of you my habit.

Our new location is separated by a person, not far, but seems to be separated by a layer of mountains. In the past, I naturally turned around and asked you questions. It is the superiority of position that makes people not doubt. Now I have a new front and rear position. They are also learning tyrants. I should not leave them asking you all to cause gossip. I shudder to think of the rumor they have spread that "if you don't come up with a problem, you'll get it." So, I pretended to be in harmony with the new students, but I couldn't find the feeling that I was facing you.







A gust of breeze, a ray of fragrance! There is a tree, there is a fruit on the tree, the name of the fruit is called secret love. And I am the trunk of a tree, secretly in love with that fruit, but that fruit is him. One afternoon at school, when the sun was setting, I ran circles on the playground, one after another, and the time gradually disappeared.

I am confused, but I dare not think, under the trunk of the tree, the fruit of the tree, we are not only separated by a galaxy, there are many differences between us, so far we are only friends, or the kind of friends that have not met, I am not very good in all aspects, but he is excellent in all aspects! To tell you the truth, we don't even count our friends, just strangers passing by! That fruit is called secret love, and under the tree I call it loneliness. Secret love, are you okay? I am fine, thank you! Are you okay with that loneliness? I'm OK. Shall we go to the college entrance examination together? Secret Love: Good! Loneliness: Well! Let's go to the college entrance examination together!







During my three years in high school, I liked the representative of the math class in my class. He was good-looking and good at his studies. But I was timid, introverted and had average grades. I could blush for a whole day if I spoke to a boy.

He is very patient, like a mature adult. He sits at my back desk. Every day in class, I tighten my back tightly. Occasionally, he laughs and talks to me. But I'm really too timid. I always stumble, asking and answering questions.

I envy the girls who talk to him. I hope I can look at him as confidently as they do one day.

After the College Entrance Examination, we will go our separate ways. Maybe we will never see each other again. I am still an ordinary person, and I have no courage to speak out. That day, I cried for a long time.

Secret love is really sad, I think about all of his, but he did not know. Not seeing him is his heart, seeing him and daring not look directly at him, these years, his heart is full of him.

Sometimes I really envy him. I can even remember him for so long. He's been doing well recently. I think my secret love trip will soon be over.